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Thank you for your support

Welcome to 2023 as we move forward in stabilizing and restoring the building.

Thank you, to all of the people who have already expressed your support and interest in our efforts to save, restore, and preserve the Union Hall Block Building.

Can you believe the building is more than 160 years old?  Join us in working to make sure this grand old lady makes it to her 200th birthday!

We accept donations by mail at: Union Hall Block Building, Inc., P.O. Box 43, White Pigeon, MI 49099

We are happy to introduce a new payment processing and fundraising platform, Network for Good.  NFG serves nonprofits and helps them in building better communication between UHBBI and our donors.  NFG is a little cheaper than Square, Stripe, and other processors, and donors are given the option of adding a little extra to cover the cost of processing so that your gift to UHBBI is not diminished by the fee.

Supporters can also track their own giving on the NFG site.  There will even be opportunities for donors to do mini-fundraisers to cover specific repair and restoration costs.  We are very excited to be partnering with Network for Good and look forward to 2023.

Please considering visiting our site for donating to cover the expenses of restoring this great historic site.  Currently, we need to raise $35,000 to get the work of stabilizing the building done.  After this, we will use plans drawn up by qualified engineers and architects to begin the work of repairing and restoring the building. 

There are many steps involved in restoring this grand old lady. We will keep you updated as each new phase unfolds. 

Your financial support at this time is vital to us.

If you want to be added to our mailing list for up-to-date information about our progress, please send a request to:

Please pardon our dust as the website is still under construction.  Until we get proper links and buttons in place, we hope you will take advantage of these addresses.
Thank you!

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