Union Hall Block Building, Inc.

Passing the torch

Most people know the Union Hall Block Building as the home of The Tasty Nut Shop. For 102 years, the nut shop has done business at 100 E. Chicago Rd. in White Pigeon, Michigan. One of the goals of the nonprofit which now owns the site is to restore authentic businesses like The Tasty Nut Shop to operation as part of the experience visitors to the site can enjoy as they immerse themselves in local.

Marjorie Hamminga (center) operated The Tasty Nut Shop for over 30 years, until the Village of White Pigeon forced her to close in December of 2021.  Hamminga passed away in the spring of 2022, but left her business to her grandson, Mason, with the dream that he would carry on the business.  The Tasty Nut Shop celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020, having passed through the hands of several local owners until Hamminga purchased it in 1986.

Pictured with Hamminga is daughter Linda Hochstetler (left), former owner of the eastern, two-story portion of the building, and daughter Jeanie Webster (right), who had run a catering business called Silver Spoons from that location.

These female entrepreneurs were the last private owners of the Union Hall Block Building.  They gave the property to the nonprofit in May of 2022 in the hope that it could be restored and preserved for future generations.

Union Hall Block Building, Inc. was formed for the purpose of repairing, restoring, and preserving the Union Hall Block Building.  Plans include having the building recognized as an historic site. 

There have been many businesses in the building over the lifetimes of local residents. Creating a venue where a handful of small businesses reflective of local history is part of the vision for the eventual restoration.


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