Union Hall Block Building, Inc.

Future Vision


Future plans include a museum dedicated to educating visitors about local history and the role the Union Hall Block Building has played for over 180 years.

Large arches and doorways would allow museum visitors to enjoy the museum, then step next door to The Tasty Nut Shop to experience a 1950s diner, soda fountain, and nut & candy shop where they could watch candy being made.

They would also be able to browse through retail spaces, plans for which are being developed.  A key consideration is hosting small businesses that are reflective of the history of the building.  The building has been home to a barber shop, dry goods store, harness shop, meeting hall, clothing stores, an optometrist/jewelry shop, dentist’s office, book store and a variety of other businesses.


Fully restoring the second-floor auditorium is also part of our vision.  The floor plan is not to scale, but gives a general idea about the current layout of the second floor.  In the past, the auditorium had been used for graduations, was part of the Union school, and a venue for cultural events such as plays and concerts.

Education and Culture

Educators associated with the project are eager to develop materials, both for use in the museum, and to make available to K-12 parents, students, and teachers which would use the rich history of the Union Hall Block Building in lesson plans and practical experiences aimed at instilling an understanding of and appreciation for American history.

Putting the auditorium back to use as a venue for local theater productions, concerts, and events centered around local history is also part of the vision for a fully restored Union Hall Block Building.

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