Moving Forward

Thank you so much to all of the people who came on November 1st to the St. Joseph County Construction Appeals Board meeting. Your show of support, involvement in the discussion, responses to the moving speech presented by lawyer Paul Morgan, and your thanks to the Appeals Board at the end of the meeting are all appreciated.

The meeting, which lasted for two hours and forty minutes, will take some time to edit so that those of you who were not able to be there can see what happened.  I will be posting it in consecutive segments, so please check back to this page over the following days as I make this available to you.

Now is the time for action.  Finally, the opportunity to move forward with saving the building is here.  But the window is small and we still need to finish raising the $35,000 necessary for the stabilization, although we will be able to put up the signs and fence this week.  I believe all of us working together can make this happen.

Thank You for your support!

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