Looking for an Angel (or two?)

The Union Hall Block Building, best known as the home of the Tasty Nut Shop, has been at the center of a number of articles in the local media over the past coupld of years. Things came to a head in December of 2021 when the Village of White Pigeon decided to condemn the building.
You may be aware that what followed has been a series of hearings over the condemnation. During this time, a new nonprofit corporation was formed: Union Hall Block Buiding, Inc.
Although the building is best known for the Tasty Nut Shop, it has a long history of housing local small businesses, and even boasted an auditorium that was refered to as an “opera house” in some older publications.
The nonprofit became a 501(c)(3) at the end of April, allowing donor’s gifts to be tax deductible. Ownership of the building was transferred from Linda Hochstetler and Marjorie Hamminga in May via Quit Claim Deed. The repair and restoration of the building is, frankly beyond the financial reach of one family. On the other hand, we are now able to apply for grants and qualify for other funding that would not have been available to us before.

The catch…time.

We need to stabilize the building immediately and have experts on stand-by, ready to come in and start work. However, we need to pay these professionals $70,000 before they can start work. It is totally reasonable for them to want to receive payment up front. However, an anonymous donor who was going to cover the cost had to back out. Ouch.

We are greatful to those who have donated and made pledges to our effort to save, restore, and preserve the Union Hall Block Building, which will inculde having the Tasty Nut Shop reopen as a tennant. The space will also boas a museum, and a home to a coupld of historically authentic small businesses.
However, people have been waiting.
They waited to see how the first hearing would go.
They waited to see how the second and third hearings would go.
They waited for us to form a nonprofit corporation.
They waited for us to become a 502(c)(3)

There is no more time for waiting. Our vision is to make the building an historic site; however, there is vital work that must be done now and we need $70,000 to get it done.

Are you willing to be our Angel? It will take the help of someone very special to save this priceless piece of local history. Are you that person? If so, now is the time. Thank you.

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