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Welcome to the Union Hall Block Building, Inc. website. We are dedicated to saving, restoring, and preserving history through the restoration of this building, located in White Pigeon, Michigan. While many local residents want to see the site restored and put to use as a museum, educational experience, and home for authentic local businesses, members of the White Pigeon Village Council have moved to condemn the site with the intent of having this 180+ year-old building demolished.

The issue is now in court, with another hearing set for around May 24th. We need to demonstrate to St. Joseph County judge Jeff Middleton that we have both a solid plan and the financial resources to make the repairs needed to remove the condemnation the Village Council has placed on the building.

We have a contractor, and skilled subcontractors, to do the work, but we have very little time to raise at least $60,000 toward the work of repairing/reinforcing the foundation and replacing the brickwork.

Will you help? Like our organization, this website is new, so please pardon our dust as we shape it into a proper tool for reaching out to people like you to share our story, and hopefully gain your support.

4 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Please keep me informed on all current & upcoming efforts to save this building. I’m 100% in favor of it being saved. Randy Baker.

  2. I am 81 and it was the place where we got ice cream coming and going to the Probst Farm on fawn river.

    1. Hi, Joseph. So many people have fond memories of the Nut Shop and the other businesses in the Union Hall Block Building. We are working hard to save this historic site. If you are not a part of our mailing list yet and want to be, send us an email at unionhallblockbuilding@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to add you.

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